I developed Manucinema within the last 10 years searching for :

 a sustainable approach in terms of video production which can be realised in
different contexts by using  a light, bare bones  technical equipment.

Being able to share with an audience the whole process of creating and producing a
film which is deliberately improvised.

Take advantage of a tool to observe and transform real objects by  light,
temperature,manipulation, assemblage, destruction, immersion and other processes.

  a poetic point of view which brings a new knowledge on life's matters

Manucinema is conceived through a performance of animation film-making completely realised in the presence of 
The objects’s manipulation is filmed and projected in real-time, reacting often to the musical intervention of other

with Connie Bauer and Miriam Siebesntaedt

with Connie Bauer and Miriam Siebesntaedt