I developed Manucinema within the last 10 years searching for :

 an instictive, handicrafted, sustainable approach to cinema which can be
  realized by individuals without any special need of financial support 

 a  practise i can propose at anytime and space, independent from
  standards and technologies imposed by the market

 the possibility to share with an audience the entire process of discovering and   

 a truthful interaction with other actors (musicians, dancers, performers), by
  sharing an equal amount of freedom, chance and risk on stage, and where the
  video is always suscectible to transform according to the situation

 a tool to observe and recreate real matters (by light, temperature, manipulation
  and association, destruction, immersion, etc) to get, at same time, a poetic point
  of view and a new knowledge about life’s things

"Manucinema" refers to an idea of hand-made cinema based on the combination of an inner concept and a faithful confrontation with the environment. Some contents are very structured stories that I concretize by recycling, animating and recording available materials in the moment (stop-motion, collage, animated sculpture, mixed techniques).

with Connie Bauer and Miriam Siebesntaedt

with Connie Bauer and Miriam Siebesntaedt